The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

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PentaCore empowers investors to be part of a new movement of democratic, disruptive technology through sound investment.


With the rapid adoption of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has emerged as as its own exciting asset class. Innovative breakthroughs and unprecedented growth is grabbing the attention of millions of investors worldwide.

Investing in cryptocurrency remains a complex and seemingly risky endeavor for the majority of the population. The market is rapidly evolving, and these barriers are stopping investors from taking advantage.

PentaCore wants to change that.

PentaCore is a wealth management firm that was created to streamline the crypto investment process by combining ease of entry with experienced asset management. By providing the necessary guidance and product offering, PentaCore enables investors to take full advantage of the digital currency and blockchain revolution


PentaFund enables investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market through a fund aimed at delivering superior risk adjusted returns.

  • Pentacore tokens (Pent) represent fractional ownership in the Net Asset Value (NAV) of PentaFund.

    Tokens can be purchased in our upcoming ICO and every 3 months after the first year.

    Investors can participate using US Dollars and a variety of other cryptocurrencies.

    All funds raised, net of fees, will be directly invested into an actively managed portfolio of crypto-assets.

  • The goal of the fund is to profit from the emerging crypto asset class while employing sophisticated risk management techniques to protect downside risk for our investors.

    Consistently produce superior risk adjusted returns that are largely uncorrelated with the returns from other traditional asset classes.




The objective of the fund is to produce consistently superior risk adjusted absolute returns that are largely uncorrelated with the returns from other traditional asset classes. The goal of the fund is to profit from the emerging crypto asset class while employing sophisticated risk management techniques to protect downside risk for our investors. (Absolute Return fund/reinvesting profits)

Investment Focus

The PentaFund differs from other tokenized Crypto asset fund in that it may also invest in traditional assets or fiat currency to protect investors in times of market turbulence. The PentaFund is not an index fund that passively invests in a basket of crypto assets, but rather a sophisticated investment vehicle that strives to protect investor assets at all times.

The PentaFund will use advanced asset allocation and risk management techniques to invest in the crypto asset class. The types of strategies employed will include arbitrage, trend following, and systematic trading strategies along with fundamental evaluation of emerging blockchain technologies.

Investment Selection

While Pentacore cannot speak on behalf of other funds investment selections, the firm has assembled what it believes to be one of the most experienced investment teams in the tokenized fund space.

Through our revolutionary creation/redemption features, PentaFund will be the only tokenized cryptofund that will allow investors to directly redeem their coins, without penalty, directly from the ICO sponsor. After an initial 1 year lock-up period, the PentaFund will allow up 10% of all coin holders to redeem their coins every quarter at the funds prevailing Net Asset Value. In addition, new investors will be allowed to buy new Pentacore tokens to invest in the PentaFund on the same quarterly basis. This will allow for unlimited future growth for the fund while ensuring periodic investor liquidity.

Fund Liquidity

As far as Pentacore can tell no other tokenized hedge fun allows for redemption of coins directly from the sponsor. In other tokenized funds investors can only sell their holding to other token holders to get liquidity. This mechanism can be fairly difficult particularly in the US jurisdiction.

Ownership of the Pentacore token will represent fractional ownership of the combined Net Asset Value (NAV) of the PentaFund. These tokens can be purchased via our upcoming ICO. Investors can participate in the fund by using multiple cryptocurrencies as well as US Dollars and other fiat currencies. Once the ICO is completed, all funds raised, net of fees, will be directly invested into an actively managed portfolio of cryptoassets. Pentacore intends to periodically post our top holdings and publish our NAV for maximum transparency to token holders.

Proof of Funds

As far as Pentacore can tell, no other fund publishes a periodic NAV of their fund holding. This type of transparency can only be found in traditional assets such as ETF’s and mutual funds.

Token Sale

PentaCore`s ICO will begin in January of 2018

1 PENT (ERC-20) = 1 USD
50,000,000 PENT SOLD
30 Day Token Sale
Accepted Currencies: USD, BTC, ETH, DASH, BCC, LTC

Road Map

Meet Our Team


Co-Founder and CEO

A forward thinker, James understands the importance and growing impact of the blockchain revolution and wants to democratize the process of cryptocurrency investing.


Co-Founder and COO

Robert is an accomplished sales leader who has been involved with four tech startups in the Boston, MA area. His background includes working in insurance, marketing, telecommunications and logistics.


Chief Investment Officer

Ralph is a highly accomplished portfolio management executive. Prior to joining PentaCore, he spent over 20 years as a portfolio manager and capital markets executive for some of the world’s leading hedge funds and banks, including Millennium, Capstone, JP Morgan, and UBS.


Chief Marketing Officer

Stacey is an award-winning marketing leader with over 17 years of experience developing cutting-edge advertising campaigns. She has a proven track record of expertly analyzing media trends and delivering actionable strategies. She has held positions at McCann Erickson’s UM, Omnicom’s OMG.


Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Benjamin is a graduate of Washington College and a student at Tulane University Law School. He is an expert at understanding the strategy, environment, and operations of complex, highly-regulated industries including finance and pharmaceuticals.


VP of Marketing

Tyler specializes in social media marketing and brand awareness, with a focus on educating individuals about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He has deep insight into how to effectively communicate the value of cryptocurrency and blockchain to investors.


Strategic Advisor

Harry has spent 20+ years trading for some of the world’s largest investment banks and hedge funds, including Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, and JP Morgan. His roles have included Global Head of Algorithmic Trading and Head of Foreign Exchange Market Making.


Program Manager

Over the past 15 years, Alex has worked with Fortune 100 clients as a Program Manager. By instilling discipline, applying results-driving metrics, and skillfully managing human capital and technology, Alex brings order to chaos.


IT Advisor

Gevork is providing IT advisory and technical backup for the ICO with his team. Gevork has more than 10 years' experience in software development, project management and has extensive knowledge of web information delivery systems. His team specializes in Big Data, Bots and AI.




Tristan is a software engineer with extensive experience creating mobile and web-based applications using state-of-the-art technologies and platforms. He is a devoted Bitcoin enthusiast and investor who enjoys learning new ways that the Blockchain will influence the world around us.


Creative Director

Yan has had her own design studio for over 10 years. She is specialized in Website UX/UI design and front-end development. With a computer science bachelor’s degree along with the design certifications in hand, she is logical and creative in thinking by utilizing her bilingual and multi-cultural background into all her works and design


Blockchain Analyst/Trader

Bridge is a proven investor, serial entrepreneur, and leader in the blockchain space. His early-stage investment in sound cryptoassets allowed him to develop and bootstrap a medical distribution industry blockchain use-case. Bridge maintains deep industry knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Brand Ambassador

Since 2010, Gina has provided a range of services as a freelance writer and editor. Gina enjoys the process of connecting with professionals, quickly building a deep understanding of individual value, skills and attributes, and conveying them effectively in print.


Blockchain Developer

Mr. Stojanovski is the Founder and CTO of LSX Exchange, where he brings industry-leading experience in developing algorithmically-based, technical trading and technology solutions. He has been developing automated trading models and platforms for over twenty-five years for many leading global investment banking and trading organizations.

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