What is PentaCore?

PentaCore is a wealth management firm that was created to streamline the crypto investment process by combining ease of entry with experienced asset management. Our company provides the necessary guidance and product offerings to allow investors to take full advantage of the digital currency and blockchain revolution.

Mission Statement

PentaCore empowers investors to be part of a new movement of democratic, disruptive technology through sound investment in a rapidly growing, in-demand marketplace.

Why PentaCore?

• The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space provides a unique opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of a rapidly growing market.
• There are significant barriers to entry into cryptocurrency for the average investor – complexity, lack of understanding, and inaccessibility.
• PentaCore solves this issue by providing easy access to an actively-managed, broadly diversified hedge fund in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.
• PentaCore recognizes the multitude of investment issues that exist today – economic, complexity, trust, risk – and takes steps to resolve all of them in a well-managed, proactive way.
• PentaCore is initially launching three products – the PentaFund diversified investment fund, PentaView’s data-driven and informational platform, and PentaPost, an educational resource for investors.
• PentaFund is managed by a team of expert fund managers and experienced researchers who make up our industry-leading Fund Management Brain Trust (FMBT), which uses strict criteria to select the most qualified investments for the Fund.

PentaCore's 5 Core Values



Everyone on the Pentacore team will conduct themselves in a professional manner.



Every idea, product and solution is implemented with excellence.



We are always willing to embrace change and are ready to keep pace with the ever-changing crypto market



Our international engineering and development team brings years of experience, especially when it comes to blockchain technology.



That everything we do begins and ends with you, our client, in mind.


Our International Team of Experienced and Dedicated Managers and Developers

Jamie Nitze

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

James is a graduate of Harvard University and Tulane University Law School. He specializes in the fields of Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law. A forward thinker, James understood the importance and impact of the cryptocurrency revolution and wanted to democratize the process of cryptocurrency investing. He realized how difficult it would be for the general population to fully understand and get involved with cryptocurrency, hence PentaCore was born.

Robert Karpel

Chief Operations Officer

Robert is an accomplished sales leader involved in four different tech startups in the Boston, MA area. His background includes working in insurance, marketing, telecommunications and logistics. After spending nearly a decade working in this space, he knows what it takes to drive results when implementing disruptive technology into a new market segment. His ability to connect with the heart-beating people, understand their needs and deliver a solution is what has proven to be successful. Robert holds a Bachelors Degree in Financial Services from Bryant University.

Ralph Cimmino

Fund Management

A highly accomplished senior portfolio management executive. Prior to joining Pentacore, Ralph had spent over 20 years as a portfolio manager and capital markets executive for some of the world’s leading hedge funds and banks. These including Millennium, Capstone, JP Morgan and UBS. His roles have included being Head of Credit Trading and Head of Global Liability Management. Ralph specializes in fundamental, relative value, arbitrage, and volatility trading in a wide variety of asset classes. Ralph has been the sole manager of portfolios containing over $500MM in notional value. Ralph holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and BS in FInance for the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Harry Bedi

Fund Managment

An experienced international financial markets executive. Prior to joining Pentacore, Harry had spent 20 years trading for some of the world’s largest investment banks and hedge funds including Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada and JP Morgan. His roles have included being Global Head of Algorithmic Trading and Head of Foreign Exchange Market Making. Harry, specializes in quantitative trading and developing highly robust market making models for various asset classes. His approach is to limit downside volatility while maximizing profit generation for investors. Harry holds a MSc International Securities Investment & Banking from the ICMA Center at the Henley Management School, University of Reading and a BA (hons) International Finance & Trade from the University of Portsmouth.

Andrew Pancamo


Andrew holds a master's degree in Accounting and Taxation from Louisiana State University. As a licensed CPA, Andrew is has experience in the field of public accounting, including tax planning and compliance, auditing, and investing. Currently, he is conducting some of the industry's first ever in-depth research studies on the tax and accounting implications of cryptocurrency.

Gevork Grigoryan

IT Advisor/ CEO at Gelinger Media

Gevork is providing IT advisory and technical backup for the ICO with his team. Gevork has more than 10 years' experience in software development, project management and has extensive knowledge of web information delivery systems. His team specializes in Big Data, Bots and AI.

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PentaCore. Dispel the M.I.T.H.


What is the M.I.T.H. of Crypto?

  • Mining
  • ICOs
  • Trading
  • Holding

PentaCore Plans to educate newcomers of the crypto community and take these complex concepts and simplify them for all.

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